Monday, June 25, 2007

Birth, Babies, and Bumbling: WXYC's Feedback Farm

It's always tough to put on a decent radio programme after being in the middle of the clusterfuck that is Feedback Farm, and I guess last week's show reflected my disorganization. Here's a link to the playlist:

Hostile Gospel: June 20, 2007

At least Feedback Farm was actually good. We're in the midst of a three part series dealing with the life cycle, and last week's episode was dedicated to the miracle of birth. It was definitely one of the better installments of FF, and I've edited out my favorite 10 minute segment for your audio enjoyment:

Feedback Farm: BIRTH - June 20, 2007

Deconstruction of the life cycle will continue in a few weeks, though it's unclear when exactly that will happen, given that next week is the 4th and the Farmers do love their fireworks.

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